• No build up means
    better hygiene

    Hose clips create crevices that allow product build up.
    BFM® fitting creates a perfect fit

  • Improved health and safety

    No need for tools means that there is less chance of tool damage to hands or connectors

    Hands changing BFM Fitting
  • Explosion tested

    Explosion testing proves the weakness of using hose clips. BFM® fitting explosion testing has been independently verified by Industrial Research Ltd. See the latest explosion videos here >

  • Replacement: Click to read safety page

  • Case studies

    The BFM® fitting can be found all around the world and are used by these and other well-known companies:

    Danone Kraft; Nestle'
    GEA Tetrapak Abbotts
    Gericke Guerin Systems Basf Global
    Pfizer General Mills Kerry Ingredients
    Hands changing BFM Fitting

BFM® fitting - revolutionising industrial fittings

Blair McPheat holds BFM Fitting

It's the beginning of a world wide revolution, the new generation of industrial fittings. BFM® fittings are changing the way the world changes their connectors. Join a growing list of leading Multi-National companies that are enjoying the advantages of the BFM® technology in their factories.

We at BFM Global are going to change the words ...

  • Flexible, bellows, boots, socks, sleeves, transitions
  • manguitos, conectores
  • flexivile, adaptadores, conexão
  • adapter, manchetten, manchet
  • raccordi, flessibili
  • manchette, de liaison, manchette flexible
  • 软连接
  • ״מחבר גמיש
  • fleksible forbindelse, slange/kompensator, spændebånd, flanger
  • Flexibel anslutning, damasker/kompansator, slangklämma, stosarna/flänsar

...to BFM® fitting.

Watch BFM® fitting videos on YouTube.

No more hose clips!

Eliminate the need for hose clips with our patented technology. The BFM® fitting is cleaner, safer, lasts much longer than a standard fabric and hoseclip fitting and can be replaced quickly and easily with NO TOOLS REQUIRED. Find out more by watching our intro video below or by exploring our website.

Watch BFM Fitting Intro Movie